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Today I want to talk about a totally unexpected find! Hubby and I were taking a road-trip in February that unexpectedly took us through Charlotte, NC (lost my passport, had to drive back to NYC – long and stressful story!). I had always wanted to visit so we took a quick drive around; nothing like having your priorities straight!. Once again, we got hungry and decided to try and find a vegan restaurant. I was totally surprised to see all the great options! I love when this happens. I sometimes feel like there are not many vegans and vegan places and I LOVE being proven wrong. We have so many options every time. Brilliant!

In Charlotte, we even found a RAW vegan place!  Since I love to try different raw places, I dragged the hubby in for lunch at Lula’s Living Kitchen. We took a while to find the place because it is a little hidden. It is a small and totally adorable entrance with flowers and cute little outdoor seating. In we went, not expecting anything and boy were we in for a treat!

Already, the vibe in the cozy room was one for me. Everyone looked super friendly and rather cool. Right away my attention was caught by the most amazing juice collection! Even better, packaged in cute glass jars. All the main ingredients were organic and if possible, local. They even have juice cleanses.

We sat outside and I started with a Pina Colada Smoothie, while I studied the exciting menu. The smoothie was great; pineapple, banana and coconut milk. Yes please!

For the entrees, I was undecided between the:


Sunflower seed refried beans, cauliflower rice, salsa verde, pico de gallo, onion, sprouts and cashew sour cream wrapped in a collard leaf. Served with a side of our house hot sauce and a local green salad


Slices of avocado, pico de gallo, meaty walnut‐almond crumbles and cashew sour cream atop a bed of organic lettuce. Served with hot sauce and raw, herbed veggie triangles


Layers of tender, crisp zucchini noodles, sun‐dried tomato sauce and mushrooms. This dish gets rave reviews for its velvety, vegan cashew‐basil cheese made in house. Served with a local green salad


I finally decided on the Rawco Taco Salad. It was AMAZING! The walnut-almond crumbles idea isn’t something I had tried before and it really worked very well in the dish. I didn’t feel like I was eating nuts, or train mix! The cashew cream was decadent and the veggie triangles were really interesting, a type of dehydrated cracker. A really good ‘taco’!

IMG_0059My hubby even decided to get lunch there after repeating on the way that he would stop for a vegan pizza at another place, but even him (totally allergic to healthy food!) couldn’t resist this charming spot and their great menu! He decided on their Fire and Brimstone veggie burger – 

Our famous quinoa‐kamut veggie burger served on locally baked, vegan, multigrain bread.

Spiced with chipotle sunflower hummus, onion, cucumber, salsa verde and house hot sauce.

He was super happy and excited with it! It really had quite a kick and delicious flavor. It was also incredibly beautiful and colorful. It really belonged with the other raw dishes. It was a healthy alternative for people who might not feel comfortable with raw food just yet.

Sadly, we didn’t have time to hang around as we actually had lost a ton of time and had a long way to go still. So we took our lunch with us and had it in along the way. I would totally go back to Charlotte just to go back to that restaurant! Their breakfast menu sounded mind blowing as well!



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