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IMG_1694Baking awesome vegan cookies should come with a warning – WILL HAVE PEOPLE BEGGING FOR MORE! This is especially true if you send the hubby to the office along with a box of fresh cookies. A few days later you start getting comments like, ‘when are you thinking of testing more cookie recipes?’ or, ‘so and so broke up with his girlfriend and needs a pick me up’ etc etc. Obviously, if you consider yourself a vegan cookie fairy, bringing happiness and peace to the world with decadent cookies, or if you just want to avoid an office revolution; HOW can you resist!  So, off I went, with the excuse of an office-full of hungry men (and a few curious ladies ‘on a diet’), I decided to take the advantage of having ‘mouths to feed’ to try another cookie recipe from my current cookbook craze, Bake and Destroy.

Since they loved last week’s Cowboy cookies so much, I decided to make their chocoholic brothers, aka German’s Chocolate Cookies. Holy Moly! JACKPOT! 

Like my cowboy cookies, I switched up a few ingredients;  replacing the flours with all whole wheatIMG_1691 pastry flour, reducing and replacing the sugar with a mix of brown sugar and maple syrup, and replacing the canola oil with coconut oil. I toasted both the pecans and coconut shreds before folding them in the batter. I also added larger chunks of broken up chocolate instead of chocolate chips. Wow, it made for a pretty darn good cookie! Like suggested on the recipe, I undercooked them a bit and they turned out to be the softest and most decadent chocolate cookies! 

I think tuning down the amount of sugar in chocolate recipes is especially good because I prefer the more bitter chocolates, where the chocolate flavor really pops. And it totally did in these cookies, with the unexpected crunch from pieces of pecans… YUM!!!

I must admit, I did keep a few for myself…!



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IMG_2094We all know I have a weak spot for cool cookbooks (my exploding bookshelf is a clear reminder!), and Bake and Destroy has totally gotten my attention. After that amazing french toast the other day, I started browsing the savory recipes to see what else was hiding in there. It is hard to resist decadent cookbooks with amazing pictures! Plus, with the weather getting cooler, I am really craving some fall comfort food! Therefore, last night, I decided to try making the Samosa Potpie. I never make Samosas; but Tibits, one of the few vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Switzerland, makes amazing ones. Since it is almost the season of apple pies, pumpkin pies and other favorites, I thought I would get my pie groove back. 

They key to making any type of pie crust is patience. So, put some nice music on and don’t rush magic! 

I found that the separate pie crust recipe was really simple and easy to handle. It called for half all purpose flour and half whole wheat, but I just used all whole wheat pastry flour. I like the taste of whole wheat better and I feel it is somewhat healthier! Instead of the shortening I used non hydrogenated margarine and it turned out super. It was really soft and easy to roll out, yet it was sturdy enough to easily be shaped into the pie pan without breaking apart or stretching infinitely. So far so good!

IMG_2095The filling was made of awesome things like potatoes  tomatoes, ginger, chiles, peas and spinach. What I didn’t like so much was the ‘cream’ made with margarine, flour, soy milk and curry. I felt like it kept too much of that ‘margariney’ taste. I think next time I will make it like I make béchamel sauce, only with curry added. 

All in all it turned out really great. The crust was nice and thin, crunchy and flaky. The inside was hardy and very creamy. Plus it really was very pretty to look at. Hubby totally loved it! The recipe makes enough for a 9inch pie, therefore we had enough leftovers for lunch. I feel like the pie was even better the day after! The flavors had really developed and the spice was more pronounced (something both the hubby and I like), sort of like vegetable curry.

I served it with a nice fresh side salad and it was awesome! This is definitely something I would confidently serve non-vegan guests. 

Anyone running out to buy the cookbook yet? Because I am warning you, I have some chocolate cookies in the oven that might push you over the edge! I feel like I will be cooking my way through this cookbook. It might be time I get myself a juicer to fast away all this craziness!


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IMG_1642This might be the coolest cookbook EVER! I have been waiting a while for it and finally, it arrived! Natalie Slater’s Bake and Destroy is addictive, and totally kooky! Her wit and punk – rock attitude really shines through the totally decadent and imaginative recipes that get you drooling just by looking at the gorgeous pictures. Her writing style definitely puts a smile on your face and maybe even gets a few chuckles. Choose from Taco Lasagna, Nacho Cupcakes and Spaghetti Cake with Grandma Sharon’s Hater-Proof Sauce! Total insanity! 

I have a total peanut butter addiction, the Elvis sandwich being one of my all time favorite snacks, so when I saw the Honky Tonk French Toast – aka Elvis French Toast – I went totally bananas! 

First of all, I LOVE french toast. But I have never made them, and since becoming vegan, it has become a little tough to find good french toast in vegan restaurants. So, another reason I freaked out when I saw this recipe!

Like all of Slater’s recipes, this isn’t your average french toast, it uses banana bread! PEANUT BUTTER banana bread. The banana bread was so light and fluffy I swear nobody could have guessed it was vegan! It was hard not to eat it all straight out of the oven. So my first suggestion is to; make 2 banana breads while you are at it, one for your 5 o’clock tea and one for french toast the next day!

The only change I made to the recipe is that I found my loaf needed more like 60-70minutes to be fully baked instead of the suggested 40-IMG_165250. It made a super fluffy inside with a nice crust. I let my slices dry and this morning I made banana bread for brunch. Total craziness! It was amazing!

The bread gets soaked in a mixture of peanut butter, soy milk, vanilla and cinnamon. It soaks in this divine creaminess for 10mins and then you bake them off for 30minutes, until crispy. Let me tell you, they were not only crispy and moist inside, but totally mind-blowing! I might still be high from all that peanut butter.

Hubby and I are already looking at what wacky recipe we will try next so, don’t go far!


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